Benefit of ASEAN Potash Mining project

“The ASEAN project is expected to complete the construction and can produce potash fertilizer for sale by about 2017, which can create benefit for the country and the communities in several ways.”


  1. Potassium fertilizer production is for domestic use to reduce dependence on importing fertilizer from overseas by more than 9,800 million baht, and it creates stability on the fertilizer price in the agricultural section in the process.
  2. Export of potassium fertilizer brings in revenue to the country over 10,000 million baht a year, resulted in Thailand can increase potential as the hub on fertilizers in the region in the future.
  3. It can enable the public sector and the local administration organizations to have income from the royalties, taxes, including other fees in developing the country and localities.
  4. It creates direct local employment over 1,000 jobs, so there is an economic expansion in the community, while the people in the local areas can come back to work in hometown, and the families can live together in warmth and strong society.

“We are proud to participate in economic development of the country, which is the first step to build agricultural stability to help increase productivity and income to the farmers with sustainability further.”


ASEAN potash mining project and responsibility for the environment and society

“We are always aware that success in the business operations is not just profitability, but must have responsibility towards the society and the environment in tandem to achieve sustainability.”


From the intention to focus on working on the basis of integrity and fidelity, the ASEAN potash mining project has placed the measures on management of impacts on the basis of 4 principles to cover both the environmental management and the society in the surrounding areas systematically are:

The first guidelines that the Company has to practice continuously are monitoring, which is the suppressive measures to prevent impact from the potash mining project that may affect the environment and the community. In this matter, it is to prevent and create confidence; the Company has designed mining to meet the international standard principles that are acceptable and has been practiced for hundreds of years. It includes setting up a fund to study and research on the stakeholders in the project pursuant to Section 88/10 of the Mineral Act 1967, the amendment of 2002 pursuant to Section 88/11) and the supportive fund to participate in the underground mining.


However, if there is any event that is resulted from the project operations, a relief shall be the next measures to address the problems urgently and impromptu, with the responsible insurance plan pursuant to Section 88/13.  Also the restoring measures to adjust the environment conditions to return to the nearest conditions before the impact is the long-term measures to ensue.


Finally, the development principles may be the offensive measures that put emphasis on life quality development on economics and society of the people in the area via the various activities jointly with the community, as the Company has implemented continuously. For instance, the support on various studies, mobile medical units, the projects in support of occupational development, such as cultivating mushroom Project and Hydroponic plantation, etc.