About APMC

The ASEAN Potash Mining project originated from the cooperation among the ASEAN member countries under the cooperation agreement signing in 1976. Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Industry of Thailand proposed this project to be the ASEAN Industrial project for Thailand in 1989.  The objective of the Project is to undertake potash mining and processing plant in Bamnet Narong Municipality, Chaiyaphum Province, to produce affordable and high quality potash fertilizer for the farmers in ASEAN. 

In 1991, ASEAN Potash Mining Co., Ltd (APMC) was established with the ASEAN member countries holding the share value of 29% of the total value and the Ministry of Finance Thailand holding 20% of the total value while the remaining 51% were held by the private sector.  The development of the Project had been carried out in forms of ore-investigative drill, channel excavation, trial mining, technical and environmental studies.

The project operations have been delayed for a while due to the economic slowdown. The government in the year 2000, by the Ministry of Finance, set a clear policy to find a private investor as a strategic investor, while waiting for the Underground Mining Act just took effect in 2003 as well.

In 2004, the Company changed its status to a public company limited with a new investor, who later filed an application for mining concession in the total area of about 9,707 rai (3882.8 acres) in Ban Tan, Ban Phet and Hua Thale sub-districts in Bamnet Narong district, Chaiyaphum province.

In 2011 the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment declared the area according to Section 6 bis, , at the mining concession area, after that the Company could get started according to the procedure on application of the mining license by surveying, mapping, announcement and holding public hearings for the stakeholders in the mining concession areas already.