The ASEAN potash mining project is aware and envisages the utmost importance in taking care of the environment and community for the Project development that can live in parallel with the community way of life with sustainability.


Although the ASEAN potash mining project does not have the potential to cause impact on the community, the environment and natural resources severely, but it has built up confidence for the villagers surrounding the project. So it volunteers to study the impact on health additionally to comply with the


intention of the Company that works on basis of integrity and sincerity. Above all, it is the people in the areas surrounding the project to have confidence in the operations of the project. Thus, the project has assigned Team Consulting Engineering & Management Ltd. to study of the impact on the environment and health expected to happened from the project operations. Together with organizing a public hearing activity is to collect opinions and recommendations for preparing the operation plans and appropriate measures to reduce the impacts. It includes the measures on the follow-up and inspection of the environment quality and health of the people surrounding the project.    


Scope of Study 

The scope of study covers the radius of 5 km from the  project area and tailing pond. It classifies the study of the natural resources and the environment into four main groups including:

  1. Physical resources such as the geology conditions and subsidence of the land, air quality, surface and underground water quality, soil quality, noise and vibrations, etc.
  2. Ecological resources such as land ecology, water ecology.
  3. Human use Values such as land use, transportation, water resource, power supply, etc.
  4. Quality of Life Values shall be studied in detail of economics – society, public health, archeological and historical sources in the area surrounding the project.



The guidelines on evaluation of impact on the environment and health as such shall be studied and analyzed impact on the environment to cover details that can be evaluated that the project operations may give more benefit to the public more than the adverse effects, and the disadvantages must be the minimum.” It emphasizes prevention and reduction of important impact on the environment to be in the acceptable scope. Meanwhile, it shall present the plan on monitoring to control for the preventive measures and remedy of the impact to comply with the true purposes.