The project shall use the excess water not in the demand of the people without grabbing water from the people absolutely, so the mining can be sustainable with the community.


The project has hired Siam Tech Group Co., Ltd., which has expertise on water source to study the guidelines on finding raw water source for use in the project. It has studied the guidelines on supplying raw water for use in the project by studying the water source cost with sufficient potential to use in the activities of the project. The guidelines on diversion of water to the project and development of raw water reservoir are for assurance that the project shall not compete for water consumption from the people, but shall use the excess water not in demand by the people only.


In the study and review of potential of the Lam Khan Chu reservoir found to have high potential to develop the cost water from the reservoir to use in the activity of the project. Because the Lam Khan Chu reservoir has the cost water quantity stable all year round. At present the reservoir allocate water for irrigation at the back of Lam Khan Chu reservoir as the principal, which uses much water in the rainy season, but used less water in the dry season. Since growing crops in the dry season is rather low, and the demand for water use of the project is about 4.78 percent of the water volume flows into Lam Khan Chu reservoir only.

Guidelines on diversion of water from Lam Khan Chu reservoir

  • Diversion of water during the cost water in the reservoir has sufficient volume and does not affect the water use for other existing activities of the reservoir such as for irrigation, consumption and conservation of the ecosystem in Lam Khan Chu waterway.
  • During it diverts water from Lam Khan Chu to use in project has no risk of water shortage is during November, which the cost water in the reservoir is high. The total time is up to 8 June, while the demand to use for irrigation during that time is not much.


Development of the raw water reservoir for the project

In the survey found the water source that is near the project area has the highest potential to be developed as a water reservoir to support raw water from Lam Khan Chu reservoir is Bueng Thale Si Do marsh, which is a public marsh with the area of about 300 rai (120 acres). It is distant from the Lam Khan Chu to the east 26 km. The project has studied the guidelines to develop and improve the capability to store water of Bueng Thale Si Do marsh as follows:

  • Develop Bueng Thale Si Do marsh to have the capacity of about 3.6 million cubic meters per year, or about 0.45 million cubic meters during November – June.
  • Keep the stored water of the dredged marsh to be equal to the present-storing level of the marsh to be able to drain the water from the basin area to Bueng Thale Si Do marsh normally.
  • Keep the minimum stored water at 0.48 million cubic meters to maintain the ecosystem of Bung Taley Sidor marsh can be stored as water reserve in case of emergency of the project for a minimum of 50 days.


Moreover, the project shall construct a well-used in the processing plant with the capacity of 50,000 cubic meters at the area of the processing plant with the well structure has concrete floors. It has the maximum water-storing depth of 5 m. The slope is 1:1.5, and the well floor is paved with HDPE, 1.5- mm thickness and can receive water from Bueng Thale Si Do marsh and store at this well before being sent to the processing. Moreover, the project shall recycle the water use in the production process without releasing contaminated water to outside the plant for certainty.