During October 26th – 29th, 2015, ASEAN Potash Chaiyaphum Public Company Limited has organized the public examination in cooperation with Bamnetnarong District Health Office, Chatturat District Health Office and Dan Khun Thot District Health Office. The company has undertaken the project in line with the policy recognizing the importance of community, society and environment which can contribute to the quality of life of community members

Therefore, the company implemented the project by organizing a baseline survey in the surrounding area of the project to gather the information of people’s health using the principle of statistical sampling to calculate the appropriate number of people and in the same time build relationships in the community.

ASEAN Potash Chaiyaphum Public Company Limited then invited the Health Offices in the area and villagers from Hua Thalae District, Ban Tan District, Ban Chuan District, Ban Kham District, Ban Petch District, Ban Prang District, Nong Krat District, Kut Piman District to join the examination to collect health information of people in the area surrounding the project. The examination results would be the basis for the implementation of the project onwards.

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